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Humans on Mars | The Hoot Hour - Ep. 2

Manavi Chauhan   •   1 May, 2023   •   6 mins

Catch Newsahoot readers discussing current affairs in our exclusive series!

In the latest episode of ‘The Hoot Hour’, Newsahoot invited four enthusiastic panellists to join us for an hour of discussion and brain-wracking.

A big shout-out to our participants for making this episode so lively and informative.

1. Anushka Umesh (Navyug School Sarojini Nagar)
2. Shivam (Stepping Stones Behlolpur)
3. Rashi Kanth (Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Aya Nagar)
4. Prateek Sharma (Mayoor School Jaipur)

The topic of discussion was ‘Humans on Mars’. Our young news readers got the chance to discuss space travel, the space race to Mars, Mars rovers, the possibility of encountering aliens, and how humans may call the Red Planet ‘home’ one day.

Anushka recalled from a previous Newsahoot article that human beings hadn’t yet landed on Mars, but they had sent a few rovers there to research. She also mentioned how dangerous space travel can be, citing how rockets and spaceships can often explode. Shivam was quick to recall quite a few names of the rovers that have explored Mars, such as Spirit and Curiosity.

On the topic of the human invasion of Mars, Prateek pointed out that humans were not invading Mars, but rather exploring it. Rashi added that while that may be true, it has taken humans thousands of years to find out what we know about our Planet Earth.

Our esteemed panelists! :')

She further explained that there is much more we are yet to learn about space. Due to not having enough information, space travel could prove to be dangerous and quite expensive. For this reason, space exploration may not be as necessary as we believe it to be. Protecting and conserving our planet Earth should be our main priority.

All four kids chimed in with fun facts, cheeky banter, and hard-hitting questions for one other. As a token of appreciation and thanks, all the participants will get Newsahoot certificates of participation.

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