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The Importance of News for Kids

Sonakshi Raj   •   19 Dec, 2022   •   3 mins

News sharpens our minds and improves our IQ level which is very beneficial for us. New words and phrases help in proper pronunciation which also helps us in our studies. Reading news also improves our language because the news can be in English, Hindi, Marathi and so on. It also improves our reading skills.

Children become more open-minded by reading the news daily. It also helps children’s brain focus on a particular thing. It also promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills for deciding a particular object in the right way. The news also develops imagination skills that are useful for children.

Reading news being new ideas, concepts and current events to life. It builds global awareness and children find out about the world's events, lifestyle, political situation and so on. It also promotes social consciousness. Children also have knowledge of the present times across the world.

The news carries information about politics, the economy, entertainment, sports, industry, trade and commerce. This way, the children know about the past, present and future as well. Children explore these different areas by reading the news. Children can read whatever they are interested in and can enjoy reading their favourite articles.

The author, Sonakshi Raj, studies at Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Aya Nagar, Delhi. This essay was the winning entry submitted as a part of Newsahoot’s Essay Writing Competition. Images are inserted by Newsahoot