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In Conversation With Keya Hatkar From 21K School

Manavi Chauhan   •   22 Mar, 2023   •   6 mins

Keya discusses her new book, "Dancing on My Wheels", and fight with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Keya Hatkar is a 12-year-old girl who studies at 21K School. She recently authored her first book titled “Dancing on My Wheels”. Despite being published in January this year, Keya’s book sold a whooping 1064 copies! Her book also ranked #2 at the National Young Authours Book Fair! 

Keya was diagnosed with Spinal Muscle Atrophy (SMA) when she was under a year old. SMA is a rare, terminal genetic disorder that causes severe muscle weakness and makes them shrink. Keya has SMA Type-2, which makes it difficult for her to sit without support. She is unable to stand and gets around in her wheelchair. 

Despite the odds, Keya is pushing boundaries and thriving. Newsahoot interviewed Keya about her new book, her battle with SMA, plans for the future, etc. Keya shared that dancing on her wheels inspired her to write the book. She relates to her book's protagonist at a fundamental level, who helps make society a better place for everyone, especially people who use a wheelchair. 

Being the brave girl she is, Keya shares that she powers through her fight with SMA to do what she loves. She credits her mother as a role model who firmly believes we can solve all problems as a team. Keya believes overcoming all hardships is possible if you believe in yourself. Keya plans to use the money she has earned from selling her book towards her treatment. 

You can also help her by donating money using this link or purchasing her book from here. You can watch Keya’s full interview here: