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'Good Thoughts' by Aashiya

Aashiya   •   20 Oct, 2023   •   5 mins

Read her motivating story about the need to let go of our negative thoughts!

A tensed kid. Photo by jcomp / Freepik.

Good Thoughts

Once upon a time, there was a boy who always thought negatively, and his father and mother did not like that. They wanted to tell him that he should think positively. One day, the boy went to take an exam at his college, IIT. The mother said, "Best of luck, do your best in your exam." Many people came to take the exam. The exam was very hard, but he was very intelligent. It was an easy exam for him. When he came home after taking the exam, he was very tense. His mother and father asked, "How was your exam?" but he did not reply.

After two months, it was time for the results to be announced. The parents asked him, "Son, where are you? Today is your result." The son replied, "Mom, I am here but very scared." His mother said, "Come into the garden with a glass of water." His mother put a lot of soil in the glass and said, "See, these are your negative thoughts." She continued, "Now, after a little while, after half an hour, the soil in the glass will settle down, and water will be clear again." She explained how the soil was like our negative thoughts, which kept muddying the glass of water the more you thought of them. But the moment you stop and calm your mind through meditation, the soil settles, and your mind becomes as clear as the water. The son realised that he was wrong, and after that, he swore never to think negatively. Then they saw the result: he ranked no.1 in his college!

A muddy glass of water. Photo by freepik.