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AMA with Newsahoot

Romsha Vats   •   4 Dec, 2023   •   5 mins

We did an “ask me anything” session with our readers, and here’s what we found out!

There have been a lot of changes on Newsahoot in the last few months, especially with the introduction of the Store and the ‘Discuss’ section. So, we thought, let’s talk to you all and understand what we can do better.

A. The Discuss Section

We do one Hoot Hour session every month, but only a few students are selected to participate in it. So, we launched a ‘Discuss’ section where everyone could discuss, debate, and share their thoughts. We want this space to be a place where each of you can interact with each other.

To improve this section, participants suggested the following:

1. Add a poll under each discussion topic where everyone can vote for their opinion. 
2. Give Hootcoins to the best comment on a discussion post.
3. Start discussions on newly released movies, shows, etc.

B. The Store

The Store is a clear crowd favourite. Students can use their hard-earned Hootcoins to earn prizes like notebooks, storybooks, mugs, etc. Recently, the store even got its own icon!

During the discussion, we announced the addition of the brand-new, limited-edition Newsahoot Mugs to the Store.

To improve the store, participants suggested the following:

1. Students suggested the introduction of more stationary items and Newsahoot merchandise.
2. The idea of Newsahoot Wallet was also suggested since parents were often unavailable to make payments for the delivery of items.

C. Quizzes

The quizzes under news articles have become very popular since they let students earn Hootcoins. Recently, we started showing the correct answer when an incorrect option was chosen as the answer.

To improve the daily news article quiz, participants suggested the following:

1. Make the questions of the quiz a bit tougher since they were too easy. 
2. Conduct weekly quizzes instead of monthly quizzes. 
3. Everyone should take the quiz within a few hours to announce winners on the same day.

One of our participants suggested adding a ‘Leisure’ section where students could play word searches, crossword puzzles, etc. Do you agree with all the suggestions?

Of course, there were more things discussed, but those will remain a secret between us and those who attended the session. Also, everyone who attended is getting 200 HCs! See you all next time. We love all of you! <3