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Classes 9-10: How To Manage Exam Stress

Romsha Vats   •   25 Sep, 2023   •   5 mins

Catch our special session on how to overcome exam stress through consistent efforts!

Photo from "Conquering exam stress: lessons from our bodies" by The Physiological Society / Youtube.

We are in the middle of the exam season! Though students in every class face some stress related to exams, the challenges increase as one enters the senior class. There is more syllabus to cover, and your marks matter a lot more than they did in the past. Naturally, the struggles of senior students are a little different and require special attention.

To address the needs of such students, Newsahoot held its second session on ‘How To Manage Exam Stress’ for classes 9 and 10 last Saturday. Our speaker, Mr. Siddharth Varma, encouraged the participants to speak openly about their exam-related fears and the reasons behind them.

He taught everyone to rank their stress levels and use healthy coping mechanisms to reduce their stress. The session ended with discussing strategies to manage exam preparation more efficiently.

Watch the full video of the session here: