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Game Review: 'Subway Surfers' by Parnika

Parnika D   •   5 Jan, 2024   •   4 mins

A student of Stepping Stones School, Chandigarh, gives her review of Subway Surfers!

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Subway Surfers

Well, most of you may already know about this game. It's really popular in India. It has over 10 billion downloads in India. If you did not know about it, you may read it here!

It is created by gaming companies Kiloo and Sybo.

In this game, you must escape a greedy police officer with his dog chasing you side by side on the subway lanes. You also have to dodge those obstacles that may get you caught by the police officer. There are barriers, trains, poles, traffic lights, etc., to stop you, but you must move on! There are also power-ups, coins, gifts, etc., to reward you. You have to collect all those goodies along with escaping your chasers. You can also buy power-ups, characters, and outfits through those coins! As you run and cover the distance, your score points increase, and so does your speed! It becomes a challenge over time!

According to my experience, it's too exciting and interesting, but not addictive! It gives us good hand and eye coordination. It's eligible for play by all age groups as it doesn't contain inappropriate content. I love this game! I advise you to play it too! Still, you need to get permission from your parents to download. Also, the game doesn't allow children under 13 to play it.

This game was introduced on around 23 March 2012. Well, some people think this game is endless, but some say it has a score limit of up to 2,147,483,647 points. Its main characters are Jake, Tricky, and some others. It has a lot to keep you busy in your free time and entertain you! It can train your mind, too! This game is really unique and brain-teasing!  Once you play it, you'll never forget it!

You can play the game on Android or iOS phones or tablets. Parnika gives Subway Surfers a 5-star rating!

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