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Leaderboard Feature Explained

Vrinda Bachchan   •   7 Aug, 2023   •   5 mins

The leaderboard can be accessed from the rewards section of the website/ app.

We're super excited to announce our new Leaderboard! It is a brand-new feature that will surely awaken your competitive spirit. Here's what's happening:

What is the Newsahoot Leaderboard?

We know all of you are collecting Hootcoins for quite some time now (awesome job on that, BTW). We know you all are waiting to spend your Hootcoins on our store. But building a store is difficult and requires time and patience. Rest assured, we're on it!

Meanwhile, we present to you...the LEADERBOARD - a cool system that will show you who has earned the most Hootcoins from your school in the month

How does the Leaderboard work?

The leaderboard will show you how many Hootcoins you and your classmates (only for partner schools) have earned in the current month. 

The entire leaderboard will reset at night on the last day of every month. We do this so everyone gets a fresh chance to be on the top.

Your rank and profile picture are displayed on the leaderboard. You can change your profile picture from here.

Where does the Leaderboard appear?

The Leaderboard appears in the bottom bar of our application and on the top right corner in the "Rewards" section on our website.

We hope you enjoy participating in this race to collect the most Hootcoins and appear at the top of the leaderboard. Best of luck!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comments section.