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'Mandala' by Rashi

Rashi Kanth   •   12 Jun, 2024   •   4 mins

This thoughtful artwork is by a Class 9 student of SKV, Aya Nagar.


Hello Friends! Welcome to Rashi's artwork.

I am very passionate about painting; the whole thing is not just conveying the skill of making beautiful paintings but also motivating me to create such paintings. it makes me feel calm and relaxed.

This beautiful mandala art is like a journey between two worlds, each offering its own unique charm and emotions. On the left side, the picture bursts into life with a garden of colourful flowers. Bold magenta flowers stand out, surrounded by smaller yellow, purple, and peach blossoms. On the right side, the scene changes dramatically to a black-and-white mandala. This side is all about intricate patterns and designs arranged in perfect symmetry.

The contrast between the two halves is striking and suggestive. The colourful side makes me feel energetic and alive, while the black-and-white side brings a sense of peace and contemplation.

This artwork inspires me to appreciate the vibrant chaos of nature and the clear order of geometric designs, reminding me that both are essential parts of our world.

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