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'Mandala Art' by Shruti

Shruti   •   6 May, 2024   •   3 mins

See this artwork drawn by a student of Class 8 in RSKV, West Vinod Nagar.

Hello everyone! Welcome to Shruti's artwork. For all of you, this is an artwork, but for me, making my mandala art was like going on a trip in my head.

Each line and shape showed what I was thinking or feeling. Drawing it was like taking a break from everything else. The round shape of the mandala made me feel calm and balanced.

As a student, drawing mandalas was like a fun puzzle. It helped me relax and think clearly. Using different colours was cool, and each one meant something special to me.

In short, my mandala art wasn't just about making cool pictures. It was a way for me to think about my feelings and ideas, and it made me feel happy and relaxed.

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