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'The Nun' by Jai

J. Jai Reso   •   22 Jan, 2024   •   3 mins

A student of The Class of One shares his review of the bone-chilling horror film, The Nun!

A still from the movie. Image by @thenunmovie / Twittter.

The Nun

The genre of the movie is thriller. It is a real nail-biting movie. The special effects were mind-blowing. The soundtrack of the movie is memorable. It includes the famous song "GOD ENDS HERE". The plot of the movie is all about a scary nun. The nun has been explained by the director Michael Chaves. I really enjoyed watching the movie. The climax was awesome.

Jai gives the movie a 5-star rating!

Poster of 'The Nun'. Image by @thenunmovie / Twiter.

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