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'Never Give Up' by Khushi

Khushi   •   12 Oct, 2023   •   6 mins

Read her inspirational poem on the spirit of never giving up!

Photo by Freepik.

Never Give Up

There will be many difficulties in
your journey, but never give up.
Your family will also come in the
way of your dreams. Many people
will tell you that your dreams are
nothing, but ignore their words
like BTS ignores their haters.

I learned that on the path of truth
or on the path of fulfilling your
dreams, you will have to face a lot
of difficulties. But you will have to 
face the pain or make a name for 
yourself in this world through hard
work or effort.

The one who fulfils his dreams gets 
a lot of sorrow and the pain of losing
his loved ones. But don't give up, you
will definitely become successful.

A little boy celebrating his win. Photo by Freepik.

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