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'Nothing Is Impossible' by Sakshi

Sakshi Tiwari   •   26 Dec, 2023   •   4 mins

A student from SKV, Aya Nagar, writes an inspirational poem on working hard to achieve your goals!

Photo by creativeart on Freepik.

Nothing Is Impossible

Work hard and hard alone.
This time, no one is your own.
Everyone is here, but 
No one is your known.
Word hard and hard alone.

People will only make you cry,
No one will motivate you for another try.
People only find your weakness, but
You have to work to get your success.
Work hard and hard alone.

Once you will get your success,
Everyone will become your own.
People who are your haters,
Will become your supporters.
So, work hard and hard alone.

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