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Gujiya by Gauri

Gauri Tiwari   •   9 Oct, 2023   •   4 mins

Learn how to make the lip-smacking sweet dish!

Gujiya. Image by freepik.

Today, I will tell you about my culture's sweet dish, 'Gujiya'. It is made on some special occasions or festivals, such as Teej and Holi. 

It is a crispy snack filled with a sweet filling of mawa or sooji. We have discussed a lot about the dish now; let us learn the recipe!


You just need four things to make Gujiya:

  1. Semolina or sooji
  2. Dry fruits and fox nuts
  3. Fine flour or maida
  4. Ghee or clarified butter
A picture of Gujiyas made by Gauri.


  1. First, roast some semolina in ghee as per your need. Then, side by side, roast all your dry fruits and fox nuts in some ghee as well.
  2. Then, mix semolina and dry fruits together and give them time to rest at room temperature.
  3. Make dough of maida and roll it in a circular shape. Fill the stuffing inside it, then give it a design. Fry it like shown in the video.

Your Gujiya is ready!

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