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Store Suggestions

Mustafa Raza   •   22 May, 2024   •   5 mins

Help us help you by adding awesome items to our store!

Does the thought of the store having all the items you want excite you? This is your chance to make it happen!

We see the hard work each of you put in by reading the news and earning Hootcoins! These coins can be used to get yourself published on Newsahoot, donate to social causes, or even get a discount on items like books, notebooks, science toys, etc.

Now, we want to introduce new items in the store, and we need your help. But first, here's a quick recap of how our store works:

What can I get from the store?

  • Physical items: Stationery, toys, and more.
  • Donations: Donate money for social causes.
  • Get published: Get your work published on Newsahoot.

Can I buy everything using just Hootcoins?

  • Physical items: Items like stationery and toys are listed at discounted prices. The idea is that you can get a discount by using the Hootcoins you earned by reading the news. 

    Prizes for winners of contests, like poster making, poem writing, etc., are sent free of cost.
  • Other items: Items like donations and getting published can be availed through Hootcoins only, without paying real money.

When and where will I get my ordered item?

The item will be delivered to the address you submitted while placing the order.

Now that we know how the store works, what items would you like to see in our store? This comment section will close on 29th May 2024, so comment away and encourage your friends to do so as well!