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'Be Alert, Always!' by Tanveer

Tanveer Singh   •   20 Nov, 2023   •   5 mins

A scary experience led him to learn an important lesson!

Photo by freepik.

Be Alert, Always!

This story is based on a real-life incident that occurred when I was around 10. I went with my parents to my relative's wedding. When they all were in the palace, I thought of going outside for a short walk. When I was walking out on the road, a group of strangers came towards me and started threatening me. I was so afraid, so I started running, but suddenly they held my leg tightly. I successfully redeemed my leg, but they didn’t stop and went on to grab my arm. There was no one to help me, so I started crying. Luckily, my cousin was passing by then, so I called for him loudly. Thankfully, after he saw me, the strangers left, and he quickly ran to me and left me to my parents. I told my parents everything, and they advised me that whenever I saw any stranger following me, I should quickly run away from that place.

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