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Hello Newsahoot readers! We need your help with something.

Romsha Vats   •   8 Dec, 2023   •    mins

We're designing brand-new Newsahoot notebooks for you. What kind of designs would you like on them? Share your ideas.


I am Romsha! You might have seen me on few episodes of the Hoot Hour. Today, I'm here to discuss something else with you all. 

Newsahoot is designing brand-new notebooks for you, but we were a little confused about what design to put on them. So we thought of asking for your suggestions, afterall you are the ones who will take the notebooks home. 

So, tell us. What do you want to see on your notebooks? Your wish is our command. Comment your ideas or like the comments you agree with. The comment with the highest likes will be the winner!

If you want to see any other products on the Store, feel free to share your ideas about the same! We are taking notes.

Thank you.