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Photography Competition Alert!

Romsha Vats   •   22 Dec, 2023   •    mins

Newsahoot is organising a Photography Competition on the occasion of Christmas. Find out how you can participate in it!

Hello, news readers!

Newsahoot has decided to organise a Photography Competition on the occasion of Christmas. This time, the competition will be held right here in the Discuss section. How? We’re about to tell you.

Ground Rules:

  1. Click an original photograph that best captures the spirit of Christmas.
  2. Upload that photograph in the comment section along with your full name, class, and school.
  3. The photograph with the most amount of likes will be chosen as the winner.
  4. Two other highest liked photos will be declared as the runners-up
  5. The deadline to upload your photo entry is 6 PM, 24th December

Prize for Best Photographer: Newsahoot LED Display Water Bottle!
Prize for Runners-up: 500 HCs each.
What are you waiting for? Get clicking. Rally your friends to like your pictures. Do whatever it takes to win!