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Would you like a sugar board in your school?

Rachit Deva   •   23 Feb, 2024   •    mins

FoodPharmer, the health influencer who helped reduce sugar in Bournvita, has proposed this new idea!

A sugar board showing the amount of sugar in every soft drink. Photo by Revant Himatsingka “Food Pharmer.”

Cadbury has reduced the amount of added sugar in Bournvita due to the efforts of FoodPharmer. But, Bournvita is not the only problem! LOTS of drinks in the market have A LOT of sugar!

To make us all aware of the amount of sugar we are putting in our bodies, FoodPharmer has suggested the idea of ‘Sugar Boards’. You can read more about it here.

Would you like a sugar board to be displayed in your school? What items do you want on that board? We might send one board to your school!