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Best Out Of Waste Poster Making Contest | June 2024

Akanksha Soni   •   18 Jun, 2024   •   7 mins

See the fabulous winning entries of our poster-making contest! 

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Last weekend, we held a poster-making competition. We asked our readers to pick any article published on Newsahoot in June 2024 and create a poster based on the chosen article. The twist was that participants had to use only recyclable materials to create the poster.

The competition not only brought out the artistic talents of our readers but also highlighted their deep understanding of sustainability. We were truly in awe of the fabulous entries we received! 

While all responses were excellent, two entries stood out! Congratulations to Daksh, a student of Class 6 from The Class of One and Meetakshi, a student of Class 3 from Holy Child Public School, Sector 75, Faridabad.

Daksh chose the article titled 'Orcas Boat Attack Mystery Solved'. He used newspaper, bottle caps, polythene bags, soda bottles, batteries, shells, and buttons to create his poster.


Meetakshi chose the article titled 'China's Waterfall Controversy'. She used dried and fallen leaves and an old pair of socks to create her poster.


Both the winners have won a Sling Hockey Board Game, which will be given to them in school once the summer vacations are over!

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We will be back with a new competition at the weekend!