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Classes 5 to 8: How To Manage Exam Stress

Romsha Vats   •   18 Sep, 2023   •   5 mins

Catch our special session on how to tame your ‘test-worry’ dragons!

Photo from "How To Train Your Dragon (2010)" by Hollywood Streams / YouTube.

We recently published a blog discussing how to tackle exam anxiety. In response to the blog, many of our readers shared how they experienced sleepless nights and memory loss around exam season. 

To help our students deal with this problem, we got in touch with a child psychologist for a special session on ‘How To Manage Exam Stress’.  More than 50 kids participated in the hour-long session that was held last Sunday.

We had an open conversation with the students about the different types of exam-related worries they face. Students also shared about the times they overcame their anxieties. 

Our guest speaker, Mr. Siddharth Varma, taught everyone the ways to tame their ‘test-worry’ dragons. He also told us how we can keep those dragons away.

Watch the full video of the session here: