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50+ GK Questions for Class 1

Newsahoot   •   7 Sep, 2023   •   6 mins

Complete Guide: General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Class 1

In this article, we will be listing over 50+ GK questions for students of class 1. These questions have been designed to enhance the general knowledge of class 1 students by introducing them to simple, age-appropriate facts.

By reading such quick and easy GK questions, children can boost their awareness and knowledge in minutes!

GK Questions for Class 1

  1. Which animal is called ‘Man’s Best Friend’?
    Answer: Dog
  2. Who is known as the ‘Father of our Nation’?
    Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
  3. Which insect makes honey?
    Answer: Honeybee
  4. Which animal has a long nose called a trunk?
    Answer: Elephant
  5. Which is the shortest month of the year?
    Answer: February
  6. Which shape has no sides?
    Answer: Circle
  7. Which insect makes a web?
    Answer: Spider
  8. Which animal is called ‘King of the Jungle’?
    Answer: Lion
  9. How many vowels are there in the English alphabet?
    Answer: Five
  10. Which is the largest planet in the solar system?
    Answer: Jupiter
  11. How many minutes are there in an hour?
    Answer: 60
  12. Which is the largest country in the world?
    Answer: Russia
  13. Which Indian festival is called the ‘Festival of Colours’?
    Answer: Holi
  14. Which sense organ helps us hear sounds?
    Answer: Ears
  15. Which bird dances in the rain?
    Answer: Peacock
  16. Where do we find a zebra crossing?
    Answer: On roads
  17. What are the colours of the traffic lights?
    Answer: Red, Yellow, and Green
  18. Which animal ‘meows’?
    Answer: Cat
  19. What is a baby frog called?
    Answer: Tadpole
  20. Which organ does fish use to breathe?
    Answer: Gills
  21. What is the colour of a marigold flower?
    Answer: Orange
  22. What does water turn into after freezing?
    Answer: Ice
  23. What are the colours of our National Flag?
    Answer: Saffron (Orange), White, and Green
  24. Where does paper come from?
    Answer: Bark of trees
  25. How many continents are there in the world?
    Answer: Seven
  26. Where do we get our milk from?
    Answer: Cow or buffalo
  27. How many wheels does a car have?
    Answer: Four
  28. What is the name of our National Anthem?
    Answer: Jana Gana Mana
  29. Which gas do humans breathe to survive?
    Answer: Oxygen
  30. When do we celebrate India’s Republic Day?
    Answer: 26 January
  31. How many planets are there in our solar system?
    Answer: Eight
  32. Who was the first Prime Minister of India?
    Answer: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
  33. Which fruit is known as the ‘King of Fruits’?
    Answer: Mango
  34. Where is the Golden Temple located?
    Answer: Amritsar, Punjab
  35. What are the three primary colours?
    Answer: Red, Blue, and Yellow
  36. What is the name of Earth’s only satellite?
    Answer: Moon
  37. How many days are there in a week?
    Answer: Seven
  38. What is the National Tree of India?
    Answer: Banyan Tree
  39. Which planet is farthest from the sun?
    Answer: Neptune
  40. How many weeks are there in a year?
    Answer: 52
  41. How many sides does an Octagon have?
    Answer: 8
  42. What is the shape of the Earth?
    Answer: Spherical
  43. Which bird does not sleep at night and has a far sight?
    Answer: Owl
  44. Which part of the plant has seeds in it?
    Answer: Fruit
  45. Which is the nearest star to our planet?
    Answer: The Sun
  46. When do we celebrate Children’s Day in India?
    Answer: 14th November
  47. What is the capital of the UK?
    Answer: London
  48. Which is the largest desert in the world?
    Answer: Sahara Desert
  49. Which is the tallest building in the world?
    Answer: Burj Khalifa
  50. Where is the Eiffel Tower located?
    Answer: Paris, France
  51. Which bird can run very fast?
    Answer: Ostrich
  52. What do we call the place where many wild animals are kept?
    Answer: Zoo
  53. What is the name of India’s currency?
    Answer: Indian Rupee
  54. What do we call the baby of a cat?
    Answer: Kitten
  55. What is the National Song of India?
    Answer: Vande Mataram

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