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Game Review: 'Dictators: No Peace' by Rajneesh

Rajneesh Panda   •   29 Jan, 2024   •   4 mins

A student of Holy Child Public School, Sector-29, Faridabad, writes a review of 'Dictators: No Peace'!

Dictators: No Peace. Photo by

Dictators: No Peace

This game is perfect for those who like offline games that can be played anywhere. Basically, in this game, you can choose to be any country and then colonize or nuke any other country. To colonize a country, you must upgrade your Army, Air Force and Navy. You also have to upgrade your factories to fulfil money requirements. After that, you must check the enemy's country's strength to attack. Instructions are there in the game, too. 

To nuke a strong country, you have to colonize as many countries as possible. You can also control the production of the country that you have colonized. There is cargo as well, through which you can get profit only if there are any good trade times. Also, remember to upgrade your local army in any country that you colonized to prevent any foreign or rebel attacks. Friendly rebels are also there to help you in any war to colonize a country. 

Right now, I have chosen my country as, India, and I have colonized 43 countries. My Army strength is 99.7, Air Force strength is 97.6, and Navy strength is 98. And that's it! Thanks for your patience.

You can play the game on an Android phone or tablet. Rajneesh gives 'Dictators: No Peace' a 4-star rating!

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