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'Roblox' by Jasneet

Jasneet Kaur   •   9 Jan, 2024   •   3 mins

A student of Stepping Stones International, Chandigarh, reviews the video game Roblox.

Photo by Internet Matters.


Roblox is a great game to spend time with your friends and talk to old friends. There are a lot of games to play; you can do role-playing in so many games. Some best or most famous games are:

  1. Brookheaven
  2. Blade ball
  3. Livetopia
  4. Blox fruit
  5. MeepCity

There are also some lags in the game, but some have been fixed, but that's ok. It's still amazing. Hope you have fun playing Roblox!

You can play the game on Android phones or tablets. Jasneet gives the game a 4-star rating!

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