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Introducing Hootcoins!

Anmol Malhotra   •   4 Jul, 2023   •   4 mins

Reading the news isn’t just giving you knowledge; it’s rewarding you with Hootcoins!

Today, we’re super excited to announce Hootcoins - a new way to reward yourself for your dedication to reading the news!

Usually, we conduct quizzes once every two weeks. A LOT of you participate in those quizzes to show your smartness! But we’re changing things up a bit!

Starting 3rd of July 2023, every news article that we publish will have a question at the end. You can earn up to 100 Hootcoins by answering it correctly.

Each question will have 3 attempts - answering correctly on the first attempt gives you 100 Hootcoins; getting it correct on the second attempt will give you 50 Hootcoins; a correct answer on the third attempt will give you 25 Hootcoins.

In short, answer the question under each article correctly and win Hootcoins! Have any questions? Ask away!