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Jungle Survival Skills | The Hoot Hour - Ep. 6

Manavi Chauhan   •   3 Jul, 2023   •   6 mins

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In this week’s episode of the Hoot Hour, our high-spirited participants put their minds together to tackle a problem rather practically! The episode included not only intelligent discussion and input but a fun, engaging activity too!

We’d like to thank our first all-girl panel of participants who made this episode of the Hoot Hour so enriching!

  1. Radhika Aggarwal (Holy Child Public School, Sector 75, Faridabad)
  2. Shradha Singh (Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Aya Nagar)
  3. Nirjra Jain (Jesus' Sacred Heart School) 
  4. Jasneet Kaur (Stepping Stones International)

The discussion began with a reference to a rather interesting Newsahoot article. Jasneet recapped the story of the 4 siblings that were lost in the Amazon rainforest after an unfortunate plane crash. There was a rescue operation, and finally, they were saved after almost 40 days in the jungle!

In those 40 days, they used their knowledge of the jungle and their survival skills to stay alive. They ate cassava flour and the fruits of the jungle. Their story is one of bravery and resourcefulness.

Shradha stated that the first few things one should look out for in this situation are basic amenities. This includes finding a source of water, food and shelter. Nirjra pointed out that we should not panic in this situation; we should calmly look for an open space where there is no forest cover so that rescue helicopters may spot us from overhead. Finding water is vital because dehydration can make the survival journey very difficult.

Jasneet pointed out the importance of shelter - to protect ourselves from animals. She suggested that a makeshift hut could be made from big leaves and wood. Radhika mentioned that one could rub together stones or create friction with wood to make a fire. This fire will provide a source of light and warmth and also protection from wild animals.

The four participants then partook in an imaginative game in which they were given a scenario with two choices, and their decisions would lead the story to its outcome. 

Jungle Survival Game by Newsahoot.

They got creative and discussed how they would save themselves from different animals and how they would seek shelter to survive! Watch the full episode to see how the story game panned out.

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