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Kids React to NCERT Syllabus Cuts | The Hoot Hour - Ep. 5

Manavi Chauhan   •   13 Jun, 2023   •   5 mins

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In this week’s episode of Hoot Hour, four intelligent participants got together to discuss a super important topic. The discussion was informative and lively, full of fun facts and brain-racking questions.

Well done to all our smart HootStars. You made this session so fun!

1. Zaid Khan (Dwarka International School)
2. Yihana Joshi (Jesus' Sacred Heart School)
3. Rakhi Joshi (Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Aya Nagar)
4. Tisha Arora (Jesus' Sacred Heart School)

The topic of discussion was ‘NCERT’s Recent Syllabus Cuts”. This topic is extremely relevant for school-going kids today. The topics they study in school (and the ones they don’t) directly impact their future and their knowledge.

All the kids shared how they felt when they first read their syllabus would be cut short! Zaid promptly listed the various topics that had been excluded - Evolution, renewable energy, challenges to Democracy, and the periodic table, to name a few.

Tisha expressed that she felt quite worried that they won’t be reading about historical events like the Cold War and other topics of human history - “Our generation might miss out on the chance to learn about these interesting topics in school.” Rakhi said she felt it was necessary to read about important historical figures and movements.

The panel of episode 5 of The Hoot Hour hosted.

The children also discussed how learning about our history will inevitably impact our future. Yihana stated that reading about our culture and history helps us learn how far we have come as a human race. Zaid agreed and added that studying important topics like the periodic table helps us understand the reaction of elements with one another. The kids recalled how sometimes their mothers tell them not to eat one food after another - because it won’t react well in their tummy!

Zaid pointed out that people's movements and struggles, such as the Narmada Bachao Andolan, had been removed. Yihana and Tisha spoke about how important it is to learn about democracy. As future voters (and as part of the world’s largest democracy), they want to learn about the history and challenges of democracy.

Rakhi and Tisha also asked some really interesting questions about human evolution, a topic they won’t be learning about in school now.

Watch the full episode to see what your peers think of their new syllabus. Like keeping up with and discussing the news? Keep an eye on the Newsahoot message board for the chance to be a speaker on the next Hoot Hour!