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Why Is It So Hot? | The Hoot Hour - Ep. 4

Anmol Malhotra   •   30 May, 2023   •   6 mins

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As schools are letting out for the summer, three bright participants are getting together to discuss what is making the Earth so hot! (aren’t we so lucky to have vacations in this heat?)

1. Arnav Mittal (Jesus' Sacred Heart School)
2. Radhika Aggarwal (Holy Child Public School, Sector 75, Faridabad)
3. Anmol Kumar (Navyug School Sarojini Nagar)

To all our participants, thank you for kicking off your summer vacation with Hoot Hour!

This week’s topic was “Why is it so hot!?”. Indeed, we can all feel our planet getting warmer every year. So what’s causing it? Our eager panellists chimed in with their answers and explanations.

Radhika said that while some summers are hotter than others. A heat wave occurs when the temperature is 5-6 degrees warmer than usual. And we've been having quite a lot of those!

Anmol pointed out that while humans might be able to find relief with the help of air conditioners and coolers, it is stray animals and wildlife that really suffer! Since the outside environment is their only home. The kids discussed that ACs might save us from this heat! But they are definitely killing our planet.

Anmol spoke of how ACs and refrigerators release chlorofluorocarbons that hurt the ozone layer. He even remembered that the other side of an AC blows out such hot air into the environment, it could make one sweat puddle!

Arnav made a really good point about how under this extreme heat, droughts will occur, and natural sources of water will dry up! This will endanger the survival of all human beings.

The young panellists also discussed the importance of buying energy-efficient appliances. They were explained how to read the star-rating stickers that are stuck on appliances. They even pledged to be smart and eco-friendly consumers by checking the labels on appliances for energy efficiency before buying.

Radhika mentioned that the government should help homeless people with housing and shelter in this extreme heat. Arnav and Anmol added that we could all make an effort by planting more trees. This will help provide more natural shade and coolness to us. Trees will also attract rain and help cool down the planet!

It was a very insightful discussion. Our young Newsahooties had many intelligent points to add about energy conservation and sustainability.

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