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'Making Friends' by Parnika

Parnika   •   13 Oct, 2023   •   4 mins

Read her touching words about the God-sent gift that is friendship!

Photo by Freepik.

Making Friends

Making friends is just as beautiful 
as growing roses in your garden.
Where before plucking something 
for help, you would never need to 
pardon. It is way more expensive 
than the gold that is sold. It does 
not need money but love, because 
it is the purest of all gold.

With a friend, you would never feel 
like you have a lot of load. A true 
friend will always guide you to the 
correct road. When you will be stuck, 
he will give you a lift. A true friend to 
me is like a god gift.

Two friends walking hand-in-hand. Photo by Freepik.

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