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'Sesame Laddoo' by Parnika

Parnika   •   9 Jan, 2024   •   3 mins

A student of Stepping Stones School, Chandigarh, teaches us how to make 'no-fat' sesame laddoos!

Photo by Archana's Kitchen.

Sesame Laddoo (No-Fat)


  1. Sesame seeds
  2. Ground dry fruits
  3. Sugar (Shakkar)
  4. Desi ghee (optional)


  1. Roast sesame seeds. You can dry roast them or add ghee to them but in a small amount. Because it already has oily ingredients that may make it fatty.
  2. After it's roasted, you can add grounded dry fruits to it (including makhana, cashew nuts, almonds, etc.). 
  3. Now, add shakkar to make it sweeter. Mix it well.
  4. At last, take adequate amounts of the mixture and give it a sphere or laddoo shape. 

The Sesame Laddoos are ready!

Sesame Laddoos made by Parnika.

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