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'Panjiri' by Parnika

Parnika   •   30 Dec, 2023   •   4 mins

A student of Stepping Stones School spells out the recipe for her favourite winter snack!

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  1. Wheat flour (Atta)
  2. Gram flour (Besan)
  3. Edible Gum (Goond)
  4. Melon Seeds
  5. Minced Coconut 
  6. Jaggery Powder (Shakkar)
  7. Chopped Nuts (Like-Cashew, Makhaana, Almonds, Raisins, etc.)
  8. Desi Ghee
Parnika's Panjiri


  1. Heat up some ghee in a pan. Roast wheat flour and gram flour in it, one cup each. 
  2. Now, add some chopped nuts, goond, and melon seeds to it. Let it cool down. 
  3. After it has been cooled down, mix two cups of jaggery powder in it. 

Your favourite winter snack is ready! You may enjoy it throughout the winter!

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