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'A Scary Night' by Jatin

Jatin Gogna   •   21 Nov, 2023   •   5 mins

Read the bone-chilling story of his encounter with an unknown girl!

Photo by freepik.

A Scary Night

One day, I was watching TV while sitting on the bed in my cousin's room. His room had a dressing table. When I went to sleep, I saw one girl on the left side of the dressing table. This made me very scared. To make things worse, my parents were also not around then. Thus, I asked my sister to see who the girl was. But she could not see anyone there. However, thankfully, I stopped seeing the girl after some time. When my parents came back, I told them the whole story. They took me to the Hanuman Mandir, which made me feel good. I was finally able to go to sleep as I uttered the words ‘Jai Hanuman ji!’. 

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