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'The Boy and the Heron - A Flight of Fantasy' by Newsahoot

Blessy Thomas   •   21 May, 2024   •   6 mins

A delightful animated movie that's sure to take you on an enchanting journey.

Step into a world of magic and adventure with The Boy and the Heron. If you love anime and Studio Ghibli's films, you are in for an extraordinary treat!

What's the Movie About?

Meet Mahito Maki, a young boy struggling with the loss of his mother. One day, he's lured into a parallel world by a talking heron, where he discovers a magical kingdom filled with strange seas and mysterious creatures. As Mahito explores this enchanting realm, he uncovers secrets about his family's past and embarks on a thrilling adventure to find his way back home. Sounds intriguing, right?

What's Awesome

The Boy and the Heron won the award for Best Animated Feature at the 2024 Oscars, and it captures your imagination with its stunning animation and captivating storytelling. The first thing you'll notice about this movie is its breathtaking animation. Every frame is a work of art, filled with vibrant colours and stunning details. From lush forests to sparkling rivers, the world of The Boy and the Heron is a feast for the eyes. 

But it's not just the visuals that make this movie special - it's the deep and meaningful story at its heart. While younger kids may enjoy the whimsical characters and fantastical adventures, older teens and adults will appreciate the deeper themes explored in the film.

What's Not

While The Boy and the Heron is a visually stunning film, some scenes may be a little intense for younger viewers - this movie isn't all rainbows and sunshine. There are moments that may leave you feeling a bit unsettled or even sad. After all, life isn't always easy, and neither is this movie. But trust us when we say that the journey is worth it in the end. The movie deals with themes of loss and grief, which may be challenging for sensitive children to understand.

In Conclusion

The Boy and the Heron is an unforgettable adventure that will transport you to a world of imagination and wonder. With its stunning visuals, profound themes, and captivating storytelling, it's a movie that will stay with you long after the credits roll. 

Movies like these aren't just entertainment - they're also a chance to learn, grow, and explore new worlds. So, let your imagination take flight and enjoy the journey!

So, gather your family and friends, and embark on a magical journey with The Boy and the Heron. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll come away with a newfound appreciation for the beauty of life and the power of love.

We are giving this beautiful movie a loud 4.5 hoots out of 5 hoots.

Note: The Boy and the Heron is currently playing at theatres near you and is rated UA. You can watch the trailer here: