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'World of Tanks: Blitz' by Raghav

Raghav Chauhan   •   15 May, 2024   •   5 mins

Read this game review written by a Class 7 student from Holy Child Public School, Sector 29.


This game shows us the adrenaline-pumping view of armoured vehicles and tanks. You can have a whole arsenal of tanks at your fingertips. It has the best players and the most detailed armoured tanks, such as the T90. It is definitely my favourite game

Sound and Graphics

Despite its mobile nature, it boasts extremely realistic graphics, and it captures the view of the impressively detailed tanks. Which is also accompanied by the sound of voiceovers, tank treads, and tank engines. It also is historically accurate about every tank.

Screenshot taken from Google Play Store.


World of Tanks strikes a balance between accessibility and depth of armoured tanks and vehicles.

You can choose any of your favourite countries, from which you can unlock a 'Tech Tree' of tanks and vehicles. It definitely is one of the most gritty games you can access on the Google Play Store.

Multiplayer and Fanbase

There is a vibrant community of humble and kind-hearted players. They are one of the most chill players.

Whether you are playing with friends or engaging in a fierce battle among Millions of players. I really love the community as they are not toxic at all, and there is definitely no cyberbullying among the players' fanbase.

Overall, this game stands as a testament that mobile players rival PC players, as they both experience the same gameplay, graphics, sound, and monetization. It stands deep in my heart and is one of the most realistic games you can find in the Google Play Store.

You can download this game on Android from here and iOS from here.

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