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The Brave Kids and the Wounded Dragon (Ages 8-12)

Gauri Malhotra   •   17 Jul, 2023   •   5 mins

This story was written as part of the “Hoot the Builder” activity that Newsahoot organised on 15 July 2023.

A group of friends embark on a camping trip in the woods, only to discover that an enigmatic creature is stalking them. Curiosity compels them to uncover the identity of this mysterious being. Initially, they consider using fire to startle it, but recognizing its potential danger, they refrain from doing so. As they approach the creature more closely, they realize it's a wounded dragon that had been trailing them, hoping for assistance.

Coming face to face with the dragon, its piercing gaze sends shivers down their spines. Yet, the moment they notice its injury, their hearts are filled with sympathy. They begin contemplating ways to help the poor creature. One of the kids suggests applying a bandage to its burnt leg. While tending to the wound, they inquire about how the dragon got injured. It reveals that it accidentally used its own fire breath to burn itself.

The dragon is very thankful for their help. As darkness falls, the kids realize they cannot stay in the woods for long. They must find a way back home, but they are unsure how. They beseech the dragon for a ride, and it gladly agrees. Instructing them to hold on tightly, they all safely soar through the skies and reach their homes.

Upon parting ways, the children become slightly emotional. They have grown fond of the dragon. However, they make a promise to meet again in the future. Upon arriving home, they enthusiastically recount their time spent with the dragon. It was an unforgettable adventure they would cherish forever.


Fareeha, Gangotri Public School
Soumil, Jesus' Sacred Heart School
Yashoda Negi, SKV Aya Nagar
Gauri, SKV Aya Nagar
Deesha, Gangotri Public School
Roshni, Gangotri Public School
Rakhi Joshi, SKV Aya Nagar
Rashi Kanth, SKV Aya Nagar
Manisha, SKV Aya Nagar