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Unstoppable Us: A Journey Through Human Evolution

Blessy Thomas   •   23 Apr, 2024   •   6 mins

How did we get from hunting mammoths to landing on the moon?

Humans are unstoppable. But what makes us so unstoppable? It’s because we have this incredible superpower: storytelling. Yup, you heard it right!

Fairy tales have taken us from imagining ghosts and spirits to even creating money! How cool is that? Unstoppable Us is an incredible two-part series written by Yuval Noah Hariri.

It is meant for kids aged nine and up, that takes you on an amazing adventure through the story of humankind.

What is the book about?

From the very beginning, Harari captures your attention with his fascinating writing style. He asks lots of questions that make you think and wonder about the world around you. Plus, the book is filled with colourful illustrations by Zaplana Ruiz that bring the story to life!

Throughout the book, you'll discover amazing facts about how fire changed our bodies, how ancient humans communicated with animals, and even what football can teach us about being human. It's like going on a thrilling journey through time!

What's really great about Unstoppable Us is that it's not just about the past—it's also about the future. Harari shows us how each and every one of us has the superpower to change the world for the better. It's empowering and inspiring!

What's even cooler is learning about all the scientific and archaeological discoveries that explain how humans evolved. This isn't your usual history lesson – it's way more exciting! Whether you're a kid, a parent, or a teacher, there's something in this book for everyone.

And guess what? There's more in book #2 of the series! We loved how Harari included thought-provoking questions that made us stop and think. It's like he's talking directly to you, encouraging you to explore and discover more about the world.


If you're someone who loves learning about history, science, and how humans became the incredible beings we are today, then the Unstoppable Us series is the perfect book for you

So, we give a loud five hoots to the Unstoppable Us series! It's an adventure you won't want to miss.