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'HanuMan' by Saaveri

Saaveri Donikena   •   8 Mar, 2024   •   3 mins

A student of the Class of One shares her review of the Indian superhero movie, HanuMan!

A glimpse from the movie. Photo by Telangana Today.


The movie is awesome! It is a pan-India movie without any vulgarity. The hero acted like he was Hanuman himself. In case you don’t know who Hanuman is, he is one of our real-life heroes. My family and I watched the movie together. If you don’t know what the movie is about and want to watch it, it’s releasing on OTT platforms on Shivratri, i.e. 8th March.

Back to my review again! When I went to watch the movie, I felt it was especially made for kids. If you are a superhero lover, this is the film for you.

Saaveri gives the movie 'HanuMan' a five-star rating!

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