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Lucky Draw: Spot "PALM OIL" in the label

Anmol Malhotra   •   22 May, 2024   •   5 mins

How many products around us have palm oil? Let's find out!

Fruits of palm oil trees which are used to make palm oil. Some elements from this image are from Fitri Agung's photo on Flickr.

Recently, PepsiCo India announced their plans to remove palm oil from its Lay's chips! That's because palm oil can increase the risk of heart disease, cause weight gain, etc. You can read the full article here.

Palm oil isn't just found in chips but also in many other packaged items like biscuits, cookies, bread, noodles, etc.

Newsahoot is doing a lucky draw to create awareness about items that contain palm oil. One lucky winner will get an Amazon voucher worth Rs. 100! 

How to participate?

  1. Check the list of ingredients (usually written on the back) of any food item in your house. 
  2. If it contains palm oil, click a photo of the label showing "palm oil" clearly.
  3. Click on the photo icon in the comment section below and click on upload image. 
  4. Next, write the name of the item whose photo you have uploaded!
  5. Then click on comment and you are all set.

Note: Different students posting a photo of the same item is allowed. Multiple photos of different items by the same student are also allowed. 

The winner of the lucky draw will be announced on 29th May 2024.