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'Heartwarming Story' by Aaradhya

Aaradhya   •   19 Jun, 2024   •   5 mins

Read this heartwarming story by a Class 8 student of Holy Child Public School, Sector 75.


There was a girl named Rimin, who lived in the USA. She was very kind and ever-smiling. She wasn't happy with her family as her family always expected more from her, which she couldn't fulfil. This was one of the reasons why she felt that she was good for nothing.

One day, when she was promoted to the 9th standard, she saw a girl sitting alone. She went to that girl and met her. Her name was Manisha, and she was from India. Manisha felt happy when Rimin accompanied her. They both talked to each other. 

Later on, Manisha asked Rimin how she was ever-smiling. She also questioned, "Don't you experience bad times?" Rimin talked about her family and said that no one is happy in reality. Manisha agreed and said that she lost her parents when she was five years old, and she is currently living with her aunt, which all made her life uneasy. 

Rimin felt sorry and realized that she was very lucky to have parents who expected things from her.

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