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'The Quiet Girl's World' by Madhu

Madhu Kumari   •   7 Jun, 2024   •   5 mins

Read this imaginative story by a student in SKV Aya Nagar, Delhi.


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There was a girl who lived in a world unto herself and frequently lost herself in her thoughts. She conversed with herself as she searched her mind for her real home. Every movie or show she watched was an exciting new journey. She put herself in the shoes of the main character, experiencing every moment as though it were true. These characters became companions in her imagination, and she had imaginary conversations with them.

She was happy about this, but it also caused her to lose a sense of reality. She was lost in her thoughts even when she was surrounded by people. She spoke aloud, leaving others puzzled. She kept a journal in an attempt to better understand herself and find her true self. Her imagination served as a peaceful haven for her. 

However, this took up all her time while real moments slipped away like silent snow. She liked to be by herself and get lost in her own thoughts. She came to see herself as an adventurer and dreamer who was attempting to strike a balance between her inner and outer worlds. She kept her secrets to herself and found solace in them. 

She enjoyed fantasizing, but it also focused attention on the fine line that separates fantasy from reality. She discovered both delight and agony when she was dreaming. Trying to escape but taking solace in the arms of her imagination.

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