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'The Graveyard - Horror in Hearts of Two Friends!' by Megha

Megha Thakur   •   27 May, 2024   •   5 mins

Read this bone-chilling story by a student of Stepping Stones School, Sector 37, Chandigarh.

Photo by Uttarayan Saha.

Once, there were two friends named Rishita and Monika. They were very close; they went to school together, studied in groups, and even played together. Behind Monika's house, there was an old graveyard.

One day, Monika heard the sound of a lady crying and breaking glass bangles from the graveyard. She was terrified! The next day at school, Monika told Rishita the whole incident. As best friends, Rishita believed her, and they both felt scared.

Their school's basement was located next to the girls' washroom. Two days later, both girls heard the same sounds of a woman crying and breaking bangles, just like Monika had heard from the graveyard. But no one other than them could hear the sounds! They considered talking to the school counsellor but ultimately decided to keep it to themselves.

One day, as they were discussing the incident in the corridor, a staff member overheard their conversation. The staff member said, "I know who you are talking about. Our school is very old. Many years ago, there was a kind teacher who fell off the second floor, breaking all her bangles. She cried for help, but no one came to her aid. She was buried in a graveyard in Sector 40." Then the staff member left.

Monika and Rishita were shocked. The graveyard the staff member mentioned was the one behind Monika's house. They went to Monika's house and told her grandmother everything. Her grandmother confirmed the story and told them that before their house was built, the teacher was buried there. She also said that they need not worry because they plan to have a Havan at their house and at the graveyard to get rid of negative energy. Monika and Rishita felt relieved and promised to forget everything!

Photo by Uttarayan Saha.

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