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'The Harry Potter Series' by Gurkeerat

Gurkeerat Singh   •   10 Jan, 2024   •   3 mins

A student of Stepping Stones International, Chandigarh, reviews the famed 'Harry Potter' movies!

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The Harry Potter Series

The movies that are in this series are great but they are not as good as the books. Its story is just incredible. Any person who likes watching fantasy movies or magic movies will surely like the series. It is a unique series, and I am not able to find any magic movie that is as good as this. The acting is incredible. The CGI is also good. I have watched the whole series 3 times till now. It is surely the best magic movie to date. It has way better visual effects if compared to the movies of that time. The way the characters interact just feels so real!

Gurkeerat gives the Harry Potter movies a 5-star rating!

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