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'The Father Who Took Everything for Granted' by Saaveri

Saaveri Donikena   •   28 Mar, 2024   •   4 mins

A student of The Class Of One shares her story about a father who made a spate of wrong choices!

Photo by freepik.

The Father Who Took Everything For Granted

Down the street, there lived a father who got rich after selling his son. He was very greedy as he loved money more than his son. To this, the mother very angrily said: “You have given your son away just for your needs! How could you do this to me? You know I cannot live without him!"

Father: "He was selling his school books and knew we could not afford another new kit! Anyway, we got rid of him, and now we can afford three meals a day! I was doing it for the family! Now stop protesting and let it go."

Mother: “No! I am not leaving this home without my son! What if he comes back or starves for many hours?”

Father: He will be alright, don’t bother!

The trauma of losing her son and the inability to convince the father to bring him back causes the mother to faint.

Father: (takes mother to the hospital)

Thankfully, the mother was fine, but she forgot about everything, including the fact that her son was given away. The father knew this and said, “Now, I have her for me, for life!”

Twenty-one years pass by. The father suddenly gets a heart attack after knowing that he is in debt. He was admitted to the Vikrant Cardiology Hospital. To his surprise, he wakes up with the mother by his side, talking to the doctor, who was none other than the son he had given away 21 years ago.

Father: “Vikrant!”

Vikrant: “Appa! You are awake!”

The mother was confused by this interaction. The father explained everything to her, which suddenly brought back memories for the mother. She was filled with inexplicable happiness after being reunited with her son. The father asked for forgiveness from both the mother and the son, and the family lived happily ever after!

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