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'The Night Of Tragedy' by Megha

Megha Thakur   •   10 May, 2024   •   4 mins

Read this story by a student of Class 7 of Stepping Stones Chandigarh.

Photo by Lennart Wittstock / Pexels.

A few days ago, I was home alone at night. My parents were at my aunt’s house. They told me to study, eat dinner and then to go to sleep. They said they could be late. So after they left, I started studying. Then suddenly, I heard a knock at my front door

I started feeling cold. And then, the lights started flickering. I thought that there must be an electrical issue. And I went to check who was at the door. When I left my room and entered the living room, I heard the knock again. But when I opened the door, there was nobody there. 

I was so scared, and in my mind was the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’. I ran into my room and jumped on the bed. The lights went off completely. After I checked the door, the knocking had stopped but it again started. 

I didn't move from the corner at all. And suddenly, the lights turned on again. I felt a little more comforted. After some time, my parents came back home. I told them the whole incident and asked them if I could sleep with them.

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