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'The Basement' by Arnav

Arnav Mishra   •   14 May, 2024   •   5 mins

Read this creepy story by a student in Holy Child Public School, Sector 29, Faridabad.

In the city's heart stood a school, an institution with a history as old as the city itself. The school was known for its academic excellence but had a secret - a basement off-limits to students.

One day, a group of friends, a mix of boys and girls, started noticing some strange occurrences. Flickering lights in classrooms, eerie whispers in the hallways, and a cold chill that seemed to emanate from the basement. These paranormal activities piqued their curiosity and fear.

They held a secret meeting after school. "We need to find out what's going on," said Ravi, the group's de facto leader. The others nodded, a mix of excitement and fear on their faces. They decided to venture into the basement that night.

Armed with flashlights and a spirit of adventure, they sneaked into the school after sunset. Usually bustling with activity, the school now seemed like a haunted mansion. They made their way to the basement, the air growing colder as they descended the stairs.

The basement was a large, open space filled with old furniture and school records. As they explored, they heard a soft whispering sound. They followed the sound to a corner of the basement, where they found an old, dusty book. It was a diary belonging to the school's founder.

As they flipped through the pages, they discovered the school was built on an old cemetery. The founder had performed a ritual to appease the spirits, which he documented in the diary. The ritual had to be performed every 50 years; as it turned out, that day marked the 50th year.

Realising they had to complete the ritual, they followed the instructions in the diary. The temperature returned to normal as they finished, and the eerie feeling lifted. They left the basement, relieved and excited about their adventure.

From that day forward, the paranormal activities ceased. The group of friends, now bonded by their shared secret, promised to perform the ritual when the time came, ensuring the peace of Bael High School's basement for the next 50 years.

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